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Sureworks is renowned in higher education in Malaysia as a provider of “One-Stop Education Fairs”, held thrice yearly at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Established in 1999, our fairs have grown to become a comprehensive resource for SPM, STPM and UEC school leavers, parents, teachers, university students, working adults, members of industry and the general public seeking higher education opportunities.
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We are the official publishers of the Sureworks Fair Directory and managers of the website.

The Sureworks Fair Directories are handed out at the Sureworks Higher Education and Education & Further Studies Fairs. Containing floor plans, talk schedules, list of exhibitors as well as useful articles, this handy fair directory is a must have for every visitor at the fair!

On the other hand, is a website where you can find information on previous and upcoming Sureworks fairs. Not only that, the website contains a comprehensive directory of higher education institutions in Malaysia and the courses they offer. Find out about a specific programme, college or university using the handy search bar!

Also, you will find the latest news in higher education and useful articles on courses and careers!

Feel free to check out the Sureworks website and Facebook page!